Fito Spray: Healthy weight loss with a spray?

Fito Spray Germany: A new dietary supplement has been available in Germany since the beginning of the year 2 016 - Fito Spray. This spray is designed to help lose weight, control hunger and effectively stimulate fat burning. Download my 7 day diet plan here and raise your metabolism to a new level.

This spray gun is distributed by a Panamanian company and manufactured in the USA. On the website you will find a notice that the price is based on the current dollar exchange rate. Please read the comments at the bottom of this page and our opinion on Fito Spray. This page is intended to provide information and exchange of experience. The page of the manufacturer can be found at:

What are the exact ingredients of Fito Spray?

The ingredients of Fito Spray are the following:

The green coffee beans should stimulate the fat burning process due to the presence of chlorogenic acid and reduce the feeling of hunger as well as the cholesterol level. The extracts of the Cambogia plant are supposed to prevent the conversion of carbohydrates into endogenous fat and to accelerate the energy production from body fat or to increase the proportion of energy production from fat. According to our current knowledge, this statement cannot be described as proven from our point of view.

The vitamins of the goji fruit are said to delay the aging process and stimulate fat burning. The mango and extracts of the cabbage palm are said to be a source of vitamins and to actively strengthen the immune system and prevent illnesses during the diet. However, the extent to which these properties are beneficial to weight reduction remains open for discussion.

Citric acid is also said to stimulate the metabolism and to release toxins from the body. I don't know exactly how this process should proceed. Even after intensive research I could not find any further information.

Menthol and mint provide fresh breath. It is said that this is supposed to stimulate the decomposition of fat. We have not been able to find any clear evidence or confirmation of this in health counselors.

If you really want to know how to lose weight quickly and sustainably, you MUST read this article.

The dosage is simple and user-friendly. Simply spray 1-2 times before and after eating. According to the manufacturer, this is sufficient to develop the full effect of this slimming agent.

On the kilosweg. de page the effects of diet sprays are discussed in general. An advertisement also contains an affiliate link to Amazon where the Fito Spray can't be bought yet after our check on 20.03.2016.

In some international forums the effect is controversial. In the German area there is still no significant experience showing a tendency towards an effect.

We remain vigilant and try to provide experience.

The price for a bottle of Fito Spray is 39€. There is also a discount campaign where an employee of the company calls the customer back to issue a voucher code. This function did not work in our test.

You can buy the Fito Spray here:

There are no other options in the form of other packages or larger bottles.

Some users report incompatibility and no effect. For this reason, we would refrain from making a purchase.

If you have tested the product anyway, feel free to write it in the comments!

Wellmax Shape Body Slim Spray is a comparable product at a slightly lower price of 24,95€.

Last but not least, we would like to point out that a healthy diet and sufficient and sufficient sleep should be favoured by a calorie-reduced diet and should be aimed at when losing weight. Here you will learn how to finally lose weight.

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Fito Spray

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